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Eye Rehab (Anti-Aging Night Serum with Cranberry Seed Oil)

Eye Rehab (Anti-Aging Night Serum with Cranberry Seed Oil)

Anti-Aging Night Serum with Cranberry and Carrot Seed Oil

1 oz Eye Rehab Serum is the perfect night cap to your stressful day. Relax and enjoy while Rehab goes to work. Enriched with jojoba and appricot oil, cranberry seed and carrot seed essential oils,and salt from the Dead Sea to help hydrate and repair damaged skin. Reduce the signs of age and stress while you get some much needed sleep.

DIRECTIONS: Before bed pump a small amount to fingertip and apply to the area around the eyes. Leave on.

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Oil, Apricot-kernel Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, and Beeswax. 

Warning: For external use ONLY. For use around eyes, if you get in eyes rinse them out. Keep products out of children's reach as they may look and smell appealing to small children. 

A cruelty free product 

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